T-Cruise Turismo:

With the T-Cruise Turismo you can start your trip in the morning fully charged to enjoy the sensation of up to 295 km* (183 miles) of roads riding to discover new places, caressed by the sound of the wind and the engine, thanks to his powerful X-LARGE (25,83 kWh) Li-Po lithium polymer battery technology.

While you stop for lunch and share the sensations of the morning riding with your friends, your Tacita® T-Cruise Turismo will be fully charged again to continue the road.


TACITA T-Cruise Turismo has been designed to enhance the pleasure of travelling alone or with your partner. A beautiful and relaxing machine for cruising but also fast when you want to have fun. With the ability to be recharged on any power outlet or a public charger when needed. We designed the T-Cruise Turismo to travel with pleasure and joy, that simple.”  said Pierpaolo Rigo co-founder Tacita®

As all the Tacita® 100% electric motorcycles, T-Cruise Turismo is also equipped with Tacita® five speed gearbox technology. This unique feature reduces the overheating and the electricity consumption of the motor that means more range and a better torque when needed for a peak performance in every situation.

The Tacita® T-Cruise Turismo can be configured with 3 different battery pack. 

*All range are calculated with TRM (Tacita Range method). For complete details visit TRM


All the prices are ex works Torino (VAT, transport and local taxes excluded)

Upgrade to LARGE battery pack + €4.690
Upgrade to X-LARGE battery pack + €11.500*
Upgrade to X-LARGE battery pack + €6.880*
Upgrade to X-LARGE battery pack + €6.880



Tacita® Generazione 2 PMAC motor
Motor Options:
44 kW (59 hp) / 100 N m torque motor
34 kW (45.6 hp) / 85 N m torque motor
27 kW (36.2 hp) / 44.2 N m torque motor

The torque curve of Tacita® T-Cruise Turismo, paired with the mechanical gearbox provides a unique riding experience only found on Tacita® electric motorcycles.
Up to 100 N m or 74 ft lbs torque without overheating the system, thanks to its Liquid Cooling feature, unique in the industry.


Four motor maps: Eco+, Eco, Turismo and Sport


Type: Li-Po lithium polymer battery
Battery Life: over 2000 cycles for an estimated 549.000 km / 341.000 miles on 25,83 kWh model.
Battery Warranty: 5 years*


25,83 kWh battery pack: 295 km / 183 miles  + Reserve Power
17,22 kWh battery pack: 210 km / 130 miles + Reserve Power
8,61 kWh battery pack: 116 km / 72 miles +  Reserve Power
*Calculated over TRM (Tacita Range method). For complete details click on CLICK HERE


Tacita® has created a unique 5 speed gearbox with reverse that thanks to the lower ratios, allows the torque to increase, causing the inrush currents to decrease. The carefully developed longer gears will make the most out of the engine’s maximum peak, removing every compromise and keeping efficiency at maximum levels. Starting in 1st gear is not mandatory on a Tacita® T-Cruise Turismo, starting on a higher gear is possible when the situation requires.


Tacita® T-Cruise Turismo is equipped with built on board charger and quick charger (optional),
that allows you to use level 2 and level 1 chargers just by plugging in, so you can charge in any 110/220 V plug or any public charging station.
11kW three phase an/or 7kW mono phase available option


Front 43 mm upside down fork.
Rear single shock absorber with preload setting and 90 mm wheel travel.


On Tacita® T-Cruise Turismo the use of the clutch at the start is not necessary replace by mandatory. The clutch reduce the torque when necessary, as well to change gears. At start, when electrical system is “On” and accelerator is released, the electric motor does not rotate, which is why it is not necessary to pull the clutch. The clutch will be ready when you need it.


T-Cruise Turismo is equipped whit a customizable regenerative braking system. Thanks to the three-levels handlebar switch, you can adjust the engine brake and therefore the power of recharging, according to your needs.


Front  320 mm disk with BREMBO technology
Rear 240 mm disk with BREMBO technology


Fitted with 3-positions adjustable footpegs, TACITA® T-Cruise Turismo offers the best in class riding position on the Cruiser segment.


According to the technical standard IEC 60479-1, the voltage that is considered to be dangerous is more than 120 VAC, so to comply with this safety limitation TACITA® engineers decided that total voltage of batteries on every TACITA Motorcycle will have a maximum of 120 V.


Every TACITA® motorcycle comes standard with a handmade in Italy nautical eco leather with memory double foam seat, that gives the T-Cruise Turismo a unique seating experience while preserving the environment.


Standard made in Italy eco leather rear bags with X-LARGE version (25,83 kWh) battery pack. Optional with smaller battery pack.


Wheelbase: 1570 mm
Lenght: 2250 mm
Width: 852 mm
Height: 1373 mm
Seat height: 750 mm

Technical specifications and aesthetic characteristics of the products may be changed without notice from Tacita srl. Images may not reflect the characteristics of the newer models.
Tacita srl reserves the right to make improvements and / or changes to the project without any obligation to release.