Tacita® project


FROM Tacita, the Latin name in Roman mythology for the goddess of silence, came up the inspiration and PAssion to design and create a motorcycle that respects the environment and people around us , but also being a true machine for real off road.


After twenty years of passion for both recreational and competitive off road, our goal was to build the perfect electric motorcycle, which would be able to compete against traditional combustion engine ones, giving sensations of pure riding, with the plus of being moved by a completely “no-emission” electric engine.


Tacita® born back in 2009, to DESIGN and manufacture electric propulsion performance motorcycles, being innovative and unique in its characteristics.


Since then, our effort has focused on research, engineering and design, to create  Italian motorcycles with temperament, unique in their kind.


The result are the “T-RACE” and the new “T-CRUISE”  motorcycle families build with passion, respect and emotions.


Tacita® è uno stile di vita.


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