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The “Tacita project” (from Tàcita, Latin name of the Roman goddess of silence) springs from the desire to develop a motorbike which respects the environment and the people around us, yet being a true machine for real off-roading.

After twenty years of passion for both recreational and competitive enduro, our goal was to build the perfect electric enduro bike, which would be able to compete with traditional motorbike combustion engines, giving the sensations of pure riding, yet being moved by a completely “zero-emission” electric engine.

Tacita was born in 2009, to produce a new enduro bike with electric propulsion performance, whilst being innovative and unique in its characteristics. Since then, our effort has focused on research, engineering and design, to create an Italian bike with temperament, unique in its kind.

The result is the new T-RACE product collection: passion, nature, strength, silence, respect, emotions.


  • 100% green
  • ergonomics of a grown-up motorbike
  • high-tech design
  • large autonomy
  • great driveability


  • asynchronous electric motor three-phase induction
  • 5 speed separate gearbox with hydraulic clutch
  • liquid cooling for motor and controller
  • crank case: machined from solid
  • frame designed for the needs of the electric motor and the support of its components and built in chrome molybdenum
  • aluminum rear monocoque
  • dashboard: smartphone with messaging function to communicate directly with Tacita
  • function “Reserve Power”, which is automatically activated when the remaining power is at 20%; reducing the power, it unequivocally indicates the need to recharge
  • fiber-flax fairing
  • two maps of motor brake
  • two maps of motor power: eco and sport – for different driving needs


GEARBOX Why the speed gears? In order to have the best gear ratio for every situation, reducing the overheating of the engine and the consumption of electricity. In fact, the lower ratios allow the torque increase, so that the inrush currents decrease, while thanks to the longer gears you will be able to make the most of the engine maximum peak, removing every compromise and keeping the maximum effi ciency.

A main point is that the speed gear with an electric engine does not need to shift gear frequently, because when the proper speed for the road is engaged, you can maintain it.

Furthermore you are not forced to start with the fi rst gear engaged, as it can be useful for reducing uphill skidding, instead. Speed gears are useful downhill, because when you engage lower gears, the bike slows down and this allows lesser use of brakes, preventing overheating, enhancing full control of the bike.

CLUTCH You do not need to use the clutch at the start, because when the electrical system is on and the accelerator is released, the electric motor does not rotate (unlike the internal combustion engine) so the bike does not move, which is why it is not necessary to pull the clutch when you stop. The clutch is then used to reduce the torque, when necessary, and to change gear.

SYSTEM VOLTAGE According to the technical standard IEC 60479-1, the minimum voltage that is considered to be dangerous is 120 V; on the electric motorcycle batteries deliver current, which comes to the controller and is converted into alternating current.

In order to not exceed this safety limitation, not only we have chosen that the total voltage of our batteries is less than 120 V, but we also divided them into two completely autonomous parcels, each of them with a voltage lower than 60 V (Regulation ECE No.100).


Anthropometric measures T-RACE has been developed for sizes ranging from the 5th percentile (female) to the 95th (male): these dimensions fit 95% of the current population, taken as reference. When you get on T-race, driving position, general sizing, kneebending angle and whole body position make you feel as if you had always been riding it.
Frame Split single-beam, in crome-molybdenum steel tubes 25NiCrMo4
Ground clearance 330 mm
Front suspension Fork telescopic hydraulic fork with advanced axle upside down – with special surface hardening TIN treatment of the stanchions. Multivalve damping and spring for static load. Hydraulic damping in compression is given by a special valve located at the bottom of each stem, while damping occurs through the use of an internal cartridge on each stanchion. Each rod is provided with external adjusters to adjust compression and extension, and a screw for venting the inner sheath.
Excursion 300 mm
Rear suspension Progressive linkage, combined with fully adjustable rear suspension unit. Compression can be adjusted to high (1.5 rpm) and low speed (15 positions) in compression, and 25 positions in extension.
Excursion 300 mm
Front wheel 1.60×21 with aluminum reinforced hub.
Rear wheel 2.15×18 with reinforced hub for improved steering precision.
Tires FIM Enduro type – Trail type (a footprint which is very close to that of a MTB bicycle)
Front brake Steel floating disc, 270 mm diameter, for powerful braking.
Rear brake Disc, 220 mm diameter
Motor brake Regenerative braking system to increase the range by recharging the batteries or low motor brake for greater smoothness.
Electric motor A 3-phase alternate current, asynchronous, with internal rotor cage. This type of motor has a very high yield, typically grater than 90% at the point of use, and it is maintenance-free, since there are neither sliding contacts, or other electrical parts subject to wear, nor mechanical parts that require lubrification.
Cooling system Liquid-type, with circuits for motor and controller, to stabilize operating temperature and to allow minimum energy consumption and maximum power. The efficiency of electric motor and controller are optimal when the operating temperature is constant between 40 and 60 degrees C° centigrade. Better cooling means greater range, consistent performance and optimal battery discharge.
Rated power S1 9 kW
Peak power S2 27 kW
Torque 60 Nm
  • Sport: for maximum driving pleasure
  • Eco: for the least impact on trails
  • Power reserve: enter automatically to 20% of charge remaining, reducing performance to allow to reach the nearest charging point.
Gearbox 5 speed separate gearbox
Final drive 520 chain
Traction battery Li-Po Lithium-polymer battery. Li-Po batteries are the most advanced technology available today to achieve traction batteries. They have a higher energy density and lower weight than other batteries on the market (from the lead-acid batteries to get to the lithium-iron-phosphate) and have no memory effect. Batteries may accompany the bike throughout its life cycle. These batteries, when they have a residual capacity of 80%, can continue to be used on the bike or in systems such as static energy storage (as example in the T-Station)
Number of charges > 2000
  • 1 kW portable
  • 3 kW optional – fast battery charger, to be used in a fixed location

WARNING: for safety and warranty issue, you must recharge the battery exclusively with the original Tacita approved charger.

Ecological recharge by T-Station same operating modes of charging as via the 220 V electrical mode. MOTOR Electric motor A 3-phase alternate current, asynchronous, with internal rotor cage. This type of motor has a very high yield, typically grater than 90% at the point of use, and it is maintenance-free, since there are neither sliding contacts, or other electrical parts subject to wear, nor mechanical parts that require lubrification. PG. 02 Torque 60 Nm
Max capacity battery 3,3 kWh
Charging time
    • 1 h Full Charge from Reserve Power with 3 kW charger
    • 3 h Full Charge from Reserve Power with 1 kW charger

End Charge time depends on the cells balancing

Autonomy from 20 min. to 1 h
Max capacity battery 4 kWh
Charging time
    • 1 h 30 min. Full Charge from Reserve Power with 3 kW charger
    • 4 h Full Charge from Reserve Power with 1 kW charger

End Charge time depends on the cells balancing

Autonomy from 25 min. to 1 h and 15 min.

Quale modo migliore per fare conoscere ed apprezzare T-RACE, se non farla provare nel suo ambiente ideale? Questo è lo scopo dei T-Tour.Ogni fine settimana, da febbraio ad ottobre (previa prenotazione almeno 15 giorni prima), due giorni di guida lungo itinerari in fuoristrada attraverso luoghi di rara bellezza, per avvicinarsi a questi mezzi e lasciarsi sedurre dalle sensazioni che suscitano. Divertimento e relax, senza rinunciare al piacere della buona tavola e con un occhio di riguardo anche agli accompagnatori.


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T-RC 3.3

€. 19.436,00

  • Ex-works price vat excluded
  • front batteries only


The technical and aesthetic characteristics of the products may be changed without notice from Tacita srl. Images may not reflect the characteristics of the newer models. Tacita srl reserves the right to make improvements and / or changes to the project without any obligation to release.