• Contacts

    Registered Office: Tacita S.r.l.  - Via S. Quintino, 43 - 10121 Torino (Italy) 
    tel: +39 011 5627994
    fax: +39 011 543890
    mobile: +39 334 8579852
    For the T-Tour informations contact us at tour@tacita.it For informations and news from Tacita info@tacita.it

“T-Tour” and “T-est” ride

The best way to get to know T-RACE is to drive the bikes in their ideal location. This is what we call the “T-Tour”.
Every weekend, from February to October (by arrangement at least 15 days in advance), two days riding through places of outstanding beauty, to get to know these bikes and experience the pleasure they can give. Fun, relaxing, a great opportunity to enjoy good food and a pleasant experience for those along with you too.
And for those who don’t have two days away from home and work, it is possible to book a one-day “T-est ride”, in order to appreciate the characteristics of T-Race and be “trained” on how to improve the driving technique.