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    Sede Legale: Tacita S.r.l.  - Via S. Quintino, 43 - 10121 Torino (Italy) 
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    fax: +39 011 543890
    mobile: +39 334 8579852

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ricarica ecologica

Tacita can supply a trailer that works as a solar-energy charging station and storage cabinet. It can charge battery packs without using conventional electricity supplied by power plants. In daylight, the solar-panelled roof over the trailer, “gullwings”-shaped to maximise exposure to solar input, converts light into electrical energy and stores new energy into the buffer batteries, usable at night or on rainy days to recharge the bike’s battery packs, independently and without generating emissions.

“The T-Race – combined with the T-STATION- is a direct and indirect zero-emission enduro bike”, points out Pierpaolo.