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Tacita Range Method

What is the distance you can go -on a single charge- with your electric Tacita?”


This is one big traditional question we are often asked.

True and provable numbers, in real driving condition: that’s what riders need and deserve.

We decided to answer using our method. We named it “Tacita Range Method” (TRM)

Aim: measuring our range by some “repeated and replicable by anyone” tests, which can be done by any rider, following some easy rules (and of course in full respect of the road speed limits).


a) we ride the bike on real public roads (not dyno or artificial “controlled road” condition)
b) Acceleration from any stopping point (traffic light or any road sign we meet) up to the local speed limit (which of course is very clear, given the presence of the public speed limit signs).
c) Sail mode no engine brake  (let the bike run with minimum effort) on the plain road + in case of deceleration.
d) Sail mode no engine brake  (let the bike decrease speed gently) as soon as you see a yellow or red light, to let it get to the stop. Then start again, as per point b).
e) Engine brake in the downhill parts, to get regenerative energy.


Where is the TMR tested?
We use 3 different paths, close to our H.Q., close to Turin, Italy.
1 – Santena > Camerano Casasco > Santena (hills)
2 – Santena > Cuneo > Santena (mostly plain)
3 – Santena > Bergeggi (SV) > Santena (extra urban, longer distance, uphill, downhill, urban mix)


Type of road mix for the TMR?
65% on state roads (minimum 70 km/h, max 90 km/h)
35% on city roads (mainly 50 km/hr, some parts at max 70 km/h)
Final average speed of the TMR Road mix is around 65 km/h, on a very large area around Turin, and way in the Alps mountains.


How is the TRM measuring done?
Our test (and range) works out to check:

Distance travelled till the moment in which the first “blink light” of the “Reserve power” comes up on the dashboard.
After the first blink, we measure the extra-distance we can ride before the fixed “Reserve mode” comes to life.
This is the place where we do the maths. The number we find is the average of the above, and this shows the true real life mileage which any rider can ride.


Pros and Cons of the TRM
As hard as we try, we know the TRM “Tacita Range Method” is not a declaration of perfection, no doubt!
But, for sure, it shows some clear data: what a guy (or girl) can do on a real road.


Terms and conditions of the TRM test?
– Rider of 90 kgs weight.
– Rider is wearing the full enduro suit by Tacita, (that’s Tacita Enduro Jacket, Tacita Enduro pants, Tacita Enduro Helmet -open helmet with goggles and sun visor in summer, and closed visor in winter time.
– No optional windscreen or extra bling bling.
– Weather… can be “any weather”. We love both warm and cold days, being the bikes cooled and heated too. We don’t care that much about it. We’ll take our time for one cappuccino or a cold drink, anyway!
– Road tyres (as per our road-legal homologations)
– Respect of the traffic speed limit within those paths (compulsory – not only as a suggestion for safety)


Please note the Italian speed limits under which TRM is performed:
– City: 30 or 50 km/hr
– Urban roads, with faster limit: 70 Kms/hr
– Extra-urban roads: 90 kms/hr

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