Tacita® | T-Race Enduro
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This version is designed to obtain the maximum fun practicing enduro.  A full size enduro: powerful, aggressive and sharp.

All the features of this version are designed to maximize the 0% emission attitude for enduro riders.

She is also ideal for an every day use in the city, to commute from home to the office or to stroll around in the evening


100% FUN

Tacita® presents the 2018 T-Race Enduro

Lighter and agile, the 2018 Tacita® T-Race Enduro is the ultimate fun machine.

The Italian brand Tacita®  launches the 2018 model that thanks to its incredibly agile nature is perfect for the hardest mountains tracks and toughest off-road terrains. Faithful to the Italian design, synonymous of style, this electric motorcycle is also ideal for an every day use in the city, to commute from home to the office or to just stroll around in the evening. The Tacita® T-Race does not leave you lukewarm.

Continuity and innovation
Strong of four-year presence on the market, the 2018 models have been radically improved: the power train, the controller, the clutch and the batteries are new. The Tacita® T-Race Enduro is lighter and agile. Whereas the chassis, appreciated by motorcyclists from all over Europe since its first edition, remains unchanged.


The new 9 kWh battery pack
The new Tacita® T-Race maintains the same weight and volume but doubles the range and covers 100 km (3 hours) of off-road tracks.

The new power train
Developed exclusively for Tacita®, the new power train offers a greater efficiency and driving pleasure. The 2018 version has been improved in all its parts and the final result is great in terms of weigh reduction too: 12 kg less for the 11 and 27 kW engine, 7 kilos less for the 34 kW power unit.
The balance between power, torque and traction remains one of the strongest point of Tacita® T-Race Enduro. The new engine has a better response to intermediate and high revs to deliver the highest riding pleasure and it offers an even more exciting sound for the rider. The 5-speed transmission with the renewed ratio of the first gear allows you to have always the best output in eco or power mode.


The new controller
Tacita® T-Race presents a completely new controller and a new hardware.

The new clutch

The clutch has been further improved and is lighter compared to the previous version.

The new integrated battery charger
The Tacita® T-Race Enduro 2018 is equipped with an integrated battery charger to be able to fill up on energy from any outlet during trips or in the everyday use. During off-road rides you can take advantage of the lunch break to recharge the batteries from any power plug even for domestic use sockets.
As in all Tacita® motorcycles there is a reserve function, which allows to ride for other 10 kms at reduced speed to reach the nearest electrical outlet, when the batteries are close to 10% of remaining charge.

Two maps: Eco and Power
The T-Race Enduro 2018 maintains the eco and power maps of the engine along with the engine brake engaged or disengaged, both selectable while driving. Eco is ideal for maximizing “fuel” efficiency and traction on slippery terrains, while Power is dedicated to brilliant riding. When the engine brake is disengaged, the bike will sail, while – when the engine brake is engaged, the regenerative effect is obtained at the simple release of the throttle, ride by wire, and greater safety even on longer and more demanding descents.

The T-Race Enduro maintains the single-shell frame split in chrome-molybdenum, a guarantee of resistance and flexibility even in the most extreme use. The centralization of the masses, obtained by withdrawing the electric motor positioning by 20 mm, contributes to the excellent handling, even at low speed.


Tacita® T-race Enduro is available in the 34 kW version with 85 N m of torque and the 27 kW version with 60 N m. For the holders of a car driving licence it is available also the 11 kW version.


The lines of the new T-Race were imagined following the logo lightning of Tacita along the path of the upper bodywork of the bike.
The colours of the new T-Race are red / black and full kevlar / carbon.

Prices starting from € 14,098 ex works VAT, roadside and local taxes excluded.

Download Pictures

two maps of motor power


5 speed separate gearbox with hydraulic clutch


aluminum rear monocoque


synchronous electric motor


two maps of motor brake

technical specifications

Electric motor: PMAC
Mappings: Eco and Sport
Transmission: 5 speed gearbox with hydraulic clutch with Brembo master cylinder
Cooling system: liquid type, with circuits for electric motor and controller
Traction battery: LI-PO Lythium Polymer battery 8,705 kWh
Battery life: 185.000 km or over 2000 cycles to 80% initial capacity.
Batteries warranty: five years
Max power:  34 kW optional motor with 85 N m , 27 kW standard motor with 60 N m torque or 11 kW with 60 N m for car licence drivers
Max rpm: 8000
Wheel base: 1490 mm

Chassis: single-shell frame split in chrome-molybdenum
Ground clearance: 330 mm
Front suspension: upside-down Mupo telescopic hydraulic fork with advanced axle 45 mm diameter; 300 mm travel
Rear suspension: pregressive link with Ohlins fully adjustable suspension unit; 280 mm travel
Front wheel: 1.60 x 21″ – tyre 90/90-21
Front brake: floating disk 300 mm diameter with  Brembo calyper and master cylinder
Rear wheel: 2.15 x 18″ tyre 140/80-18
Rear brake: 220 mm with Brembo calyper
Regenerative braking: 2 maps of engine brake. No engine brake (2-stroke engine style) and regenerative braking (4-stroke engine style)
Reverse: finally the reverse for the offroad (and city) use !!! Easy to maneuver in every situation.
Body: fiberglass or optional Kevlar/carbon
Range: 100 km estimated riding offroad recreational trail + reserve power
Reserve Power: automatically activated at 10% of remaining charge,  reducing performance to reach the nearest charging point.
Charger: integrated on-board 10A to be used with standard sockets or offboard for racing use.
Charging time: 4 hours from  “reserve power” level to 80% at 220 V with the on-board charger from any socket, 40 min with the offboard max charging power.


All the prices are ex works Torino plus VAT, transport and local taxex


11 kW

€ 14.098,00

The 11 kW motor for car driving licence with 7,5 kWh of batteries ( 9 kWh battery pack + € 1.320)

27 kW

€ 15.418,00

27 kW motor with the 9 kWh battery pack

34 kW

+ € 1.245,00

34 kW motor with the 9 kWh battery pack

Full kevlar/carbon body

+ € 2.920,00

Full kevlar/carbon body + racing set-up suspensions

The technical and aesthetic characteristics of the products may be changed without notice from Tacita srl. Images may not reflect the characteristics of the newer models. Tacita srl reserves the right to make improvements and / or changes to the project without any obligation to release.