Tacita® | Tacita Gear
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There is more to clothing than just appearance

A full line of clothing, made ​​in Italy, both in technical (racing and touring ) and casual outfits (with unbleached organic and eco-tinted colorful cotton), for all those who want to make an ethical and eco-friendly choice without giving up  style and quality.

The Tacita brand is for people who know there is more to clothing than just appearance and who want to know (and rightly so) what they’re buying and, above all, what they’re wearing.
This kind of information is often difficult, if not impossible, to find, which is why Tacita is committed to building a see-through approach, starting from what’s possible today and yet well open to future developments.
 The colours, graphics and sizes are all conceived to make life easier and to feel good, knowingly wearing a product that respects the environment and the people.