The panels spread for different  square meter areas, from 18 up to 36  sq.m., with an irradiation power up to 7 Kw.
In order to maximize the potential of T-Station, her side walls open gull-wing style, offering the entire surface to the sun.
The accumulators are used to store the energy produced and not used, making it available when the sun irradiation ceases.
T-Station, therefore, can provide energy not only to your bike, but also to your home.

The Tacita T-Station

is a motorcycle trailer that also acts as a mobile charging station with photovoltaic panels and storage batteries.

Three levels of gross weight

up to 700 kg
up to 1600 kg
up to 2200 kg


up to 7 kW with gullwing
open and 2 faces solar panels


from 8000 € up ex works Torino VAT excluded depending on:

gross weight
power of solar panels
type of solar panels
energy storage