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Products and technical development

  • TACITA Generazione 2 powertrain
    • Synchronous permanent magnet AC motor  – 100% tested and homologated
  • TACITA Liquid Cooling System
    • Integrated electric pump liquid cooling system to keep stable the temperature of both, electric motor and controller
  • TACITA Sequential Gearbox Technology
    • Single ratio on demand sequential 5 to 2 speed gearbox
    • Technology that help reduce the motor electricity consumption and overheating
  • Electric Vehicles sub-system R&D
  • Battery management systems design and manufacturing
  • DC-DC power electronics converters and control modules R&D
  • Powertrain electro Magnetic development to meet specific applications
  • Development of customized battery management system

Motor development

  • Electric motors design and manufacturing according to customer specific requirements
  • R&D on motor control units
  • Motor Controller software development
  • Can Bus interfaces design and manufacturing
  • Mechanical housing package design and analysis

Electronics capability

  • Wiring development
  • DC-DC Converters design
  • On/Out board charging solutions

Manufacturing internal facilities

  • Machining capabilities
    • Milling
    • Turning
    • bending
  • Plasma cutting
  • TIG and MIG welding
  • CNC manufacturing
  • 3D prototype printing


  • 27 Paris-Dakar Rally
  • 30+ years motorcycles racing experience
  • 46 F1 Motorboats World Championship
  • 2016 Dakar Series technology Partner

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