Tacita® | Diabolika LongRange the only electric bike at the start
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Diabolika LongRange the only electric bike at the start

Tacita Diabolika, the naked 100% made in Italy completed with success the long night of the NonStop24. At the beginning of September Tacita will be at the start of the legendary “Hard Alpi Tour”.

The Diabolika LongRange by Tacita was the only electric bike to take the start of the NonStop24 last 6th of June.
At its first edition, more than 100 bikes covered 650 km on secondary roads through 5 regions and 280 small towns, starting from Piacenza and crossing the Appennini mountains and exploring Emilia, Lombardia, Liguria and Piemonte. Among the tourers, Diabolika impressed for its reliability, fun to ride and silence.
“Our target”, Pierpaolo Rigo, President and founder of the Italian Tacita, said, “it’s to show that an electric bike can cover long itineraries without any problems, riding at the same pace of the traditional bikes.
The long night of the NonStop24 is an endurance test that requires reliability. An electric engine can cover many kilometers at a constant pace thanks to its smooth power deliver, that saves also the rider’s energies. The silent engine is a strong point and was particularly appreciated when we crossed the urban centers during the night”.
The participation to the Motorbike Marathon “NonStop24” didn’t require a special preparation of the bike, except for a GPS wit the necessary waypoints to follow the itinerary.

“It was not a race against the stopwatch, but an endurance test”, said Gianni Pogliano of MACVOLT Electric performance, Tacita official dealer for Italy. “Everything ran smoothly. It is possible to take part to this kind of motorbike marathons alone, without the need of an assistance team. It’s just necessary to study the itinerary in advance and to know where to stop on the way to recharge the batteries. Only a 220V plug is necessary. It usually takes around 70 minutes, just the time to stop for a rest or to eat something. In this kind of competitions, riding at a good pace counts more than top speed. It’s also important to maintain the concentration for so many hours.
“I particularly appreciated the night section in the mountains. I enjoyed riding alone and then joining from time to time the other bikers that were in front of me. It was not a problem to join or overtake them, thanks to the great performance of the Tacita engine. I could keep the pace of the BMW and KTM without any special problems”.
The next challenges? The HardAlpiTour in September and the Transitalia Marathon in October.
Following last year great experience, Tacita will be at the start of the legendary HardAlpiTour from the 4th to the 7th of September. Tacita will challenge the extreme route, the longer version reserved to the most experienced crews.
Tacita will also compete the TRANSITALIA Marathon in October that will start in Rimini for a 4 day competition on offroad tracks with roadbook navigation.

Tacita gives you appointment at the Electric Vehicle Show in Val d’Isère (French Alps) from the 16th to the 19th of July.

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