Tacita® | Joël Smets: “Tacita T-Race C Cross is a real dirt bike, not a pimped mountain bike!”
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Joël Smets: “Tacita T-Race C Cross is a real dirt bike, not a pimped mountain bike!”

Turin, May 27th – “ With the electric Tacita T-Race I had for the first time the impression to ride a real cross bike”, Belgian Joël Smets said about Tacita T Race C Cross at the E-Mx Race at Zolder, Belgium, last 21st , 22nd, 23rd and 24th of April.
Joël Smets: “Tacita is the first electric bike to impress me”
Speaking with Pierpaolo Rigo, President and founder of the Italian Tacita, 5-time Motocross World Champion Joël Smets said that: “I have followed the evolution of electric bikes quiet closely in last couple of years. It was great to discover that Tacita T Race is a true cross bike, not a “pimped” mountain bike!”.
Hard fought battle Smets versus Pederiva in a thrilling photo-finish sprint
The Tacita race at Zolder was challenging and fun: two semifinals that saw a hard battle among the Dutch Dakar rider Henno Van Beigeijk, the italian Diego Pederiva and the Belgium star Joël Smets. In the final the Italian beat five-time world champion Joël Smets in a thrilling photo-finish sprint. “Racing the final with Joël Smets was already a victory for me” Italian Diego Pederiva said, “succeeding to cross the finish line in front after a hard battle was really a dream come true. The support of the public was amazing. The feeling you have with the electric bike is incredible because the engines are silent, although so powerful. Riding Tacita you have the impression to ride one of the best motocross bikes.
Watch the video of the battle Smets versus Pederiva at E-MX Race of Champions at Zolder<

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