Tacita® | Tacita Diabolika and Rally, the only two electric bikes at the start of the Extreme Hardalpitour
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Tacita Diabolika and Rally, the only two electric bikes at the start of the Extreme Hardalpitour

Tacita Diabolika and Rally, the only two electric bikes at the start of the Extreme Hardalpitour

Great performance for the Tacita T-Race bikes with a range of over 62 miles on off-road tracks with the batteries already used at the Merzouga Rally 2012.Watch the video


From the 4th to the 7th of September, Tacita took part to the 7th edition of the Hardalpitour, the endurance challenge along off-road trails through the Alps from Liguria to Piedmont.

Enrolled by the Italian dealer MacVolt, Tacita T-Race Diabolika and Rally participated to the Extreme route that featured 497 miles (85% on off-road tracks) to cover in 36 hours. The riders were John Pogliano of MacVolt on the T-Race Rally and Pierpaolo Rigo, funder and Ceo of Tacita, on the new urban-scrambler Diabolika.


It was the second time that Tacita participated with the T-Race Rally to the Hardalpitour. For the occasion, they still used the four li-po lythium polymer batteries already utilized during the Merzouga Rally in Africa back in 2012. It was a debut on off road tracks for the Diabolika, with an urban soul but perfectly efficient and reliable under every road conditions.

Pierpaolo Rigo, Tacita funder and CEO, declared: “we decided to take part to the 497 mile Extreme Hardalpitour with our series bike Diabolika, equipped with a four lipo lythium polymer 10,6 kWh battery pack to show the performance of our trendiest urban-scrambler even on off road paths. We rode day and night with the standard lights, without any additional equipment. During the night we faced temperatures close to the zero without any problems. It was an amazing experience riding in the silent.


The two electric bikes made in Italy were able to cover over 62 miles on a charge despite the frequent change of elevation of the mountains trails of the Extreme Hardalpitour. Along the road, the bikes could recharge their batteries at the electric posts marked on the road book by the Promoter Corrado Capra , equipped with electric power supply of 16 ampere.

“The Diabolika 2016 will be equipped with a comfortable on-board recharger for a smoother and easier recharge of the batteries”, Pierpaolo Rigo said.

John Pogliano remembers with pleasure the warmth welcome of the hikers and mountain bikers met along the road: “The electric bikes are silent and environment friendly and are always welcomed well”.


“At Torre Pellice (TO), for example, we were sitting on a bench while our bikes were recharging, that a lady asked if we needed some help. It was a great occasion to explain her the philosophy of going green with our Tacita bikes. Of course we also have a Supermotard version and an Enduro version studied for a racing mood ”.

John Pogliano (MacVolt), Tacita dealer for Italy is confident: “Silent is particularly appreciated in the mountains and our electric bikes are ideal for a ride, especially if they are ridden without exaggerating on the throttle to respect the paths. Planning the stops to recharge the batteries becomes natural. And in the end, it was a great satisfaction cross the finish line at Cesana Torinese”.

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