Tacita® | Tacita, the Italian bike took part to the E-MX, the off road race for electrical bikes
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Tacita, the Italian bike took part to the E-MX, the off road race for electrical bikes

E-MX Race of Champions, Zolder. Joël Smets, Henno Van Beigeijk and Diego Pederiva on board of Tacita T Race C Cross

Joël Smets raced Tacita T Race in occasion of the E-Mx Race at Zolder, Belgium, last 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th of April. The 5 time motocross world champion teamed up with Dutch Henno Van Beigeijk and Italian Diego Pederiva in the Tacita T Race factory team, the only Italian crew attending the trophy dedicated to the electrical bikes organized by Thierry Deflandre, general manager of Zolder circuit.

At its 3rd edition, the E-MX Race of Champions, is the highlight of the Zolder Clean week organized every year at the Belgian circuit. “It’s a racing formula that features spectacular and hard-fought moto”, Pierpaolo Rigo, President and founder of Tacita, said, “4 laps for a 6 minutes race guarantees an incredible show. It’s a successful event inspired, in a way, by the BMX and the ski free style.

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“It was a great experience that we will repeat. The 2500 spectators attended the races and the feedback of the public was fantastic. I also would like to thank 5 time motocross world champion Joël Smets for taking part to the event on board of the Tacita T-Race”.

The Race. The Tacita race was challenging and fun: two semifinals that saw a hard battle among the Dutch Dakar rider Henno Van Beigeijk, the italian Diego Pederiva and the Belgium Joël Smets. In the final the Italian beat five-time world champion Joël Smets in a thrilling photo-finish sprint.

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