Tacita® | 160 km of range for the electric street bike T-Race Diabolika
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160 km of range for the electric street bike T-Race Diabolika

160 km of range for the electric street bike T-Race Diabolika

Tacita participates to the tender to supply electric bikes to the police.
Tacita launches the Diabolika “four packs”

Tacita T-Race Diabolika is now available also in the “four packs” version.

The electric street bike, that was launched at Intermot Cologne, is equipped with an asynchronous electric motor three-phase induction and a 5 speed separate gearbox with hydraulic clutch.

The version with four packs of batteries has been developed to meet the requirements of the European customers and it is currently on sale also in Italy at the price of 29.998€ (24.999€ the two- pack version).

Powered by LI-PO Lythium polymer batteries, the version with “four packs” can cover 160 km in real riding condition thanks to two packs of batteries on the front and two on the rear.
Due to the weight increase on the rear, the suspension set up has been adjusted. The stylish and aggressive lines of the black livery in carbon–kevlar as well as the pleasure to ride remain the same of the Tacita Diabolika 5.3, with a real plus: 160 km of pure of exhilaration.

The off-road T-Race Rally and the street bike Diabolika – police version

T-Race Diabolika Police version

Tacita participated to the tender of delivery to the police with two versions: the first one is derived from the T-Race rally, equipped with knobbly wheels (18″ on the rear and 21″ at the front) to meet the needs of off road riding. The street bike version is derived from the T-Race Diabolika with 18” wheels on the rear, 19” at the front). Considered the specific use, the vehicles studied for the police are equipped with flashing lights, siren, speaker, hand guards, rear case and the support for the smartphone.

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